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Corporate Socks – The perfect item for corporate branding

Corporate Socks Manufacturer K V Manufacturing

Importance of corporate branding

Corporate branding is unarguably important in this digital era, where business competition is extremely high both online and offline. Companies can distinguish themselves from their competitors by using branding to send the message about their identity. This can help them target and attract the most appropriate segment of customers, and help them get support from related institutions.

Effective strategies can make brand identity clearer to stakeholders, and make them easily relatable to the brand. Stakeholders not only include business partners, but also employees, customers and society, who can be affected by companies’ corporate branding efforts. One of the simple branding efforts to strengthen the internal strategy is through the use of uniform.

The purpose of uniform

Providing corporate uniform to employees can influence a sense of belonging, pride and determination of a company’s workforce. The uniform can also make employees feel more professional and committed to their work and to remind them that they represent the company.

Uniform can be customised to match brand identity. Different messages about the identity can be conveyed through different colours, designs and logos on the uniform. Also, companies can easily have control over their brand image and its consistency, through using uniform.

However, sometimes employees feel uncomfortable about an obvious and ‘loud’ style of uniform. Some companies, therefore, provide small accessories for their employees as the uniform, caps, hats, and socks are good examples of these. Companies can still make their logos (and corporate colours) visible through those items as part of their corporate branding effort. Yet, they could reduce the feeling of their employees being uncomfortable about wearing this uniform.

Corporate gifting

The simplest way to do internal corporate branding is through uniform but, how can companies make corporate branding effective with their clients to create an impression and a recurring use of their products and services? Corporate gifting is also another way to achieve corporate branding objectives.

Corporate gifting can serve as a tool to enhance customer relationships and keep constant contact with them especially on important occasions. This gifting strategy can possibly distinguish a company from its competitors. Also, customised gifts can reinforce a company’s brand identity and allow the company’s logo to be circulating in their customers’ workplace or houses. Furthermore, if a company use their product as corporate gifts, clients would have a chance to test different / new products of the company as well. However, it is not necessary to use in-house products. Perhaps find something new and meaningful to impress and say thank you to your customers. For example, an insurance company can use socks embroidered with their logo as corporate gifting to convey the message about protection and caring to their customers.

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Charitable products

Like corporate gifting, donations to charities can be another way to increase corporate branding. Instead of (or in addition to) providing gifts to customers, companies can donate their products to charities. Sometimes, the product of the companies are not appropriate for donation. Alternatively, they can order customised products with their logo and preferred design for the donated items.

This strategy allows the company logo to be visible to the public, and also the logo and company will be related to a good cause. In addition, the company might be able to gain tax benefit from the costs of donated products. This can fulfil both corporate branding and financial objectives.

Customised products to meet your purpose

Our company is a high quality and innovative sock maker and we specialise in corporate socks. Our corporate socks can be used as part of a company uniform, corporate gifting and or charitable products. We can make socks completely customised to your needs. Please contact us at today for any enquiries.

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