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" K V Manufacturing established in 2014 is under the umbrella of Thai Sock Co. Ltd, a well-known manufacturer in the sock industry. United Kingdom was once the heart of the sock and hosiery industry and we are proud to bring back sock production to the UK yet modernise it to fit new century expectations."



"High Quality and Innovative sock maker

with sustainable growth"



"Quality, Teamwork, Respect, Sustainability, Initiative & Supporting Local Community"


The manufacturing sector is one of the most energy intensive sectors in the UK. K V Manufacturing believes that it is important to minimise the environmental impact and secure our progressive future. To initiate this, we introduced our solar project. By installing solar panels above our warehouse roof, this allows the factory to reduce the energy consumption from conventional power plants by 55400 kWh per year or 20% of our traditional electrical consumption. This results in a reduction of carbon footprint by 28,753 kgCO2.

Quality Assurance


We do not compromise when it comes to quality standards. Our samples are tested from an accredited laboratory. Quality inspections are conducted in every production process by our know how employees to guarantee the best output for our customers.

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