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One of K V Manufacturing's core values is about being sustainable. We are heavily invested in sustainability, including our use of solar panels and sourcing recycled materials.

10 Reasons why you should choose a manufacturer in the UK.

Support the UK economy.

As time goes on, more and more UK manufacturers are closing due to customers going abroad to produce their products. This can have a part to play in the state of the economy so working with UK manufacturers not only boosts the economy, but also keeps jobs alive and creates employment. 

Better communication.

It is no secret that trying to communicate with someone from another country can feel impossible due to the time difference and language barrier, which is why supporting local manufacturers can also be a benefit to yourself as you can save so much time and energy speaking to someone in the same time-zone, and speaking the same language. We also are always open to have customers come and visit our factory, which is an hour from London!

Shorter lead times.

It is so easy to have your goods shipped within the UK these days, some shipping companies even offer same day delivery! This is the main reason why retailers/brands who buy in the UK receive there products so much quicker!

Better quality control.

Every single one of our orders goes through a quality inspection and each individual sock is checked by a member of our packing team to ensure good quality control. Also, our Organic Cotton is GOTS certified and our Recycled Cotton and Recycled Polyester is GRS certified so we know exactly where each of our yarns have been from start to finish! 

Reduced Carbon Footprint.

The closer your products stay to home, the better it is for the planet. This understanding has made "Made in the UK" a symbol of pride for brands committed to sustainability. As a result, 93% of consumers are willing to invest more in British-made goods.

Small MOQs.

Our MOQ is only 250 pairs per SKU for white label socks. We also work closely with UK packaging supplier that can offer low MOQ to be packed with the socks as well.  

The 'Made In England' appeal.

More and more consumers are looking for Made In England products in comparison to other countries. Every single pair of socks is checked by our highly skilled production team members before they arrive at your door, and that is one of the reasons that Great Britain is regarded a "Exceptional Quality supplier".

More control over production and quality

Products manufactured in South Asia and/or East Asian countries are known for their inexpensive manufacturing costs. However, those products with such low manufacturing costs, can be subject to criticism about low quality, or labour abuse. This is also one of the reasons to manufacture in the UK, where quality control and labour legislations are stronger.

Transparent supply chain.

UK manufacturing prioritises transparency in its supply chain due to regulatory requirements, consumer demand, technological advancements, and collaborative efforts within the industry. By fostering transparency, manufacturers not only meet ethical and regulatory obligations but also build trust with consumers, enhance competitiveness, and drive sustainable growth.

Reduced delivery costs.

To have a shipment imported from China, for example, can not only take forever, but can also be a lot more expensive! We can ship your socks to you for as low as £10 (depending on the order quantity). Once you have factored delivery into the prices that overseas suppliers offer, manufacturing products in the UK could add more value with comparable prices. 

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