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Tips for Sock Laundering to extend their use

Sock Laundry Machine

Socks are products that have a wide price range. A pair of socks can cost as less as £0.20p to as much as £20 (or even more if they are from luxury brands). Some people wash socks by hand to make them last longer. However, many people find hand-washing time consuming; therefore, most households tend to wash their socks by using their washing machine. Also, another common problem is the elusive “sock monster” residing in your washing machine that keeps ‘eating’ your socks (i.e. losing your socks in the machine). Here are some tips that can help you launder your socks and make them last longer wash after wash.

1. Separate your socks from other clothing items - This helps prevent losing your socks in a big pile of clothes. When socks are separated they will be more visible and won't cling on your trousers or shirts. In addition to totally separating your wash, they can be separated from other clothes by using laundry bags. The bag can also help to prolong the life of the socks.

2. Machine setting: cold water and gentle cycle - In addition to using a laundry bag, an appropriate washing machine setting can make socks last longer. The recommended temperature should be below a temperature of 40C/104F. Also, do not forget to set the washing mode to delicate, to provide even more protection for your socks.

3. Wash with a light detergent, and without bleach - Strong detergent and bleach can be harmful to the sock material and colour. Some people are also tempted to put bleach in their wash, to make their socks stay white. Make sure you read the wash care symbol attached to your socks before washing because bleach can destroy socks, especially ones that are made of delicate materials.

5. Turn inside-out before washing - This is to prevent the outer side of the socks from wearing away quickly. However, if your socks are very dusty for example, from hairs and small gravel, you might want to wash them from the right side to allow the dust to be removed.

6. Hang dry – If possible avoid putting socks into the dryer because the heat could cause damage the elasticity. However, if this is unavoidable, set a low temperature for your socks when tumble drying. Also, before you hang dry your washed socks, do not forget to turn them the right side out. It will be great if you hang them as a pair as well so that it creates less work for you when putting them away.

7. Fold and store perfectly dry socks in a pair - Make sure socks are perfectly dry before you fold and store them. Putting them in their right pair helps to prevent losing your socks and helps your storage to be more organized and more easy to find the socks that you want.

By following these simple tips, you can rest assured that you can wash your socks by using the washing machine but without compromising on keeping the quality of your socks.

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