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Why a Sock Product Line is a Great Addition to any Fashion Brand

If you are setting up a fashion brand or you currently own one and thinking about adding a product line to the brand, socks might be the perfect product line you are looking for. Socks have become more than just a necessary product and become more of a fashion item that can be worn at any occasion or any season. Here are some points supporting why fashion brands should have socks in their product line.

Sock K V Manufacturing

​Demand for socks is growing

According to market research from Mintel and WM Strategy, the market for socks has been growing and is continuing to grow, especially in the UK market. As socks have transformed from a commodity item to a fashion accessory and a luxury product, the growth of the socks market is higher than the overall growth of the whole apparel industry. Thus, it is time for fashion brands to take this opportunity to gain more sales and increase their share in the growing socks market.

Increase sales from impulsive buying behaviour

Due to their prices and the nature of packaging, socks can be a great product line to create impulsive buying behaviour. The lower selling price compared to other fashion items encourages buyers to buy socks as complimentary products to other things they have bought. Also, socks are great products to be placed near the till where customers usually line up waiting to pay for their shopping. The availability of easy-grabbing and relatively low-priced products such as socks around those tills could increase the sales from impulsive customers.

Socks are good as an online purchase

Some particular fashion products sell better than others online. Products that buyers do not need to try on as part of their purchasing process tend to be sold better online. Also, the situation when customers return these kinds of products from their online purchases is less likely to occur. When buyers are looking to buy socks online, they tend to shop for more items on the same website. In this situation, socks can be a hook to make customers, who are visiting the website to buys socks, more likely to buy other products as well.

Socks are a perfect gift item

Socks are items that make great gifts due to their price range, variation, and sizing. According to market research by Mintel, around 30% of women tend to buy socks and underwear products for their male friends, relatives and partners. Besides the price range that is appropriate for gifting; endless styles and colours of socks make them perfect gifts for everyone. The style and colours of socks for your fashion brand, therefore, can be customised to suit your brand identity and can target groups of customers.

If you are thinking about adding a sock product line to your fashion brand, we are a sock manufacturing company in the UK, providing quality, and fully customised socks to match any demands. We are a trusted and experienced manufacture and our clients include sporting brands and large fashion houses. Contact us now for any enquiries:

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