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5 Reasons to bring sock manufacturing back to the UK

There are several private and public organisations and initiatives established to support UK manufacturers and made-in-UK products. Those include ‘Make It British’ , ‘British Made For Quality’ , and other government supported by UK Trade & Investments . These organisations and initiatives aim to bring back and stimulate dialogues to address the growing demand for UK brands and businesses to manufacture their products in the country. These are among the important reasons it is needed to manufacture in the UK.

1. Support UK economy and local community

Shifting your production base back to the UK can help local communities and local manufacturers to thrive, especially with the UK leaving the EU. Even though the timing and the UK’s economic relationship with other EU countries is unclear regarding Brexit, it certainly will affect the confidence of consumers and investors and in turn, could have repercussions for the UK’s economy. Therefore it is important to set a good foundation for the UK economy. Promoting local manufacturers and entrepreneurs could be one of the many ways to foster UK economic growth. Promoting UK manufacturers means there will be more jobs available for people in local communities on all levels, from management, to supervisor to warehouse workers. Besides these, products labelled as ‘Made in England’ also gain a competitive advantage in terms of branding.

2. Branding

Country of origin is one of the most important aspects for a brand, as it effects and impacts upon a consumer’s perception. Each country has its different unique selling points. For example, the UK was once the heart of the sock and hosiery industry. Consumers judge a brand by what they experience and see. Customers who seek to buy socks from British brands might be more impressed if the products are also made in England. This could also make the brand’s customers think that those who wear their products are well-dressed and have exceptional British style. So, having ‘Made in England’ on their labels is impeccable for a British brand.

3. Response to current demand

There has been a growing demand for products manufactured in the UK, especially in the textile industry. Also, the after effect of Brexit could further stimulate the demand for UK manufactured products. With products labelled ‘Made in England’, it is likely that customers will be willing to pay more for the brand because they believe in the quality and feeling of a British made product.

4. More control over production and quality

Products manufactured in South Asia and/or East Asian countries are known for their inexpensive manufacturing costs. However, those products with such low manufacturing costs, can be subject to criticism about low quality, or labour abuse. This is also one of the reasons to shift manufacturing back to the UK, where quality control and labour legislations are stronger.

5. Improving lead time

Local manufacturers can offer shorter lead times and possibly lower transit costs. Also, having product manufactured in the UK decrease’s communication problem regarding specification and order-related enquiries. Therefore products will be ready for a faster sale. This can be highly beneficial for fashion brands or companies in the textile industry as they need to respond quickly to trends and market demand.

Choosing your UK manufacturer today

Current brands or new entrepreneurs looking to set up new product lines or operate a business in the UK should start considering a manufacturer to produce their products in the UK because of the aforementioned reasons. Our company, a high quality and innovative sock maker, is proud to be one of those UK manufacturers to help foster the UK economy. We are proud to bring back sock production to the UK where a long history of sock and hosiery manufacturing lies, yet modernise the production to fit new century expectations. We are the right company that can produce high quality ‘made in England’ socks for your luxury brand. Please contact us at today for any enquiries.

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