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The Socks You Wear Reflect Your Personality

K V Manufacturing Socks

Socks can be a modern item to depict the personality of the wearer. When people choose a style/colour of a sock, it can be linked back to their character and personality. Socks are becoming fashion pieces, there is now a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from. Currently, there is a trend of wearing cropped pants with bespoke socks. This has become a part of everyday style.

Let’s see if the socks you wear and your personality are related and if it is true for you! Below are some examples of styles of socks and what that style could represent about your personality!

A. Plain socks: You enjoy your own space. Sometimes, you are a bit shy and not that talkative. Plain socks don’t indicate that you are plain and boring, but that you might avoid making a mistake, you’re a bit of a perfectionist. You are a very good team player. Sometimes, you can be a workaholic. Don’t be too serious, try to find some time to relax too!

B. Polka Dot socks: Flamboyant is the right word to describe your character. You are very playful, talkative and adaptable. You have very good social skills. You have many latent things that people around you want to explore. Also, you are young at heart.

C. Stripe socks: You are a reliable and credible person. You are also a good listener. You dress very well as you know how to mix and match things together. Thus, there might be a lot of people coming to consult you about their problems. You also seem to be good at keeping a secret.

D. Flowery socks: You are a real optimist. This makes people around you love to talk to you, especially when they need encouragement or are having problems. However, you are the one who is hesitant to talk to others when you feel that you need some counsel. This is because you might fear that you will bother them. Don’t be afraid to bother others about your problem, people surrounding you will be willing to help you out.

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